Dried Flower Silicone Makeup Sponge

Type: Blender Sponges SKU: SIL201PND


Gorgeous silicone makeup sponges with a dried flower design. The flower appears dark orange/pink on front and lighter pink on back.  Silicone sponges are excellent makeup blenders for liquid or cream foundation makeup. These sponges are non-absorbent so not a drop of makeup is wasted in the sponge.  Easy to care for - just wash with a gentle cleanser and towel dry.

* Flower colors have varying shades. Flowers appear darker pink/orange on front side of sponge and a lighter pink on back side.

* Back side of sponge puckers. This is normal as the soft silicone sponge is covered with a       TPU film that protects the silicone and helps it glide effortlessly over the skin. Film should  not be removed.

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