Best Makeup Sponges - 2 piece set

Type: Blender Sponges SKU: BLE201B/P


Best makeup sponges 2-piece set provides the best for both techniques... blend & contour.  Use the rounded side of the sponge to blend your makeup and use the edged side of the sponge to contour.  This set comes with two sponges, one regular-sized sponge in a turquoise color and a mini sponge in a lilac color. Both sponges can be used either dry or wet with your favorite liquid, cream, or powder makeup.

The sponges will expand and get a bit bigger when wet. Using them while slightly damp is a great way to get flawless, all-over coverage.

CharmeAlexis sponges are made to be used multiple times so they can be easily washed with a gentle cleanser. Just air dry after washing.

Also, don't be fooled by cheaper, hard imitations. Our sponges are latex-free and soft. 

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