About Me


Hi, I’m Charme Alexis, welcome to  my site!

A little about me… I’m a nurse and a married mother of two.  I love beauty products and all things makeup related.  I also love fashion and HGTV, but that’s for another time.😊

Every website has a story and here's mine: CharmeAlexis was an idea born from my own experiences buying cosmetics, makeup brushes, and other beauty tools, bags, and cases from different retail stores and wondering to myself if the prices were really worth it. 

One day, I was Browsing through the makeup brushes at a popular beauty retail store, which shall remain un-named, I was shocked at the prices.  Single makeup brushes for $20 and $30 dollars, makeup brush sets for hundreds of dollars.  I remember thinking to myself...

“who can afford to spend this kind of money on a decent set of makeup brushes?”

Yet, clearly people are spending money on them, lots of money.  But I know if I was thinking about prices, other people were too. 

I mean, I’m not poor.  I make a good salary at my job and love spending money on makeup brushes, but the prices seem a bit ridiculous.  I am also a married mother of two so I have lots of other priorities and responsibilities.

But guess what I found out?  The prices ARE ridiculous!

After going into business for myself I came to realize that most of these products really are way over-priced.  So, I decided to sell them myself at more affordable prices.

And CharmAlexis.com was born!

The concept behind CharmeAlexis is to offer beauty and cosmetic tools that I personally use and like at reasonable prices. I'm always looking for the newest beauty products that I can offer at great prices. We also have products specially manufactured for CharmeAlexis like our holographic makeup bags. Our mission is to provide customers great products at great prices. 

In addition, each and every product I carry on this website is one that I’ve personally used and like. If I don’t like it, I won’t sell it, it’s that simple. I often write about the products I sell, and you’ll see photos and videos of me using them. I also welcome customer feedback because I want to know what my customers think about my products. 

I guess my philosophy can be summed up to this…

Customers appreciate quality products at fair prices.

And this is exactly what CharmeAlexis.com is all about.