Sponges & Applicators

Blender sponge drying holder
blender makeup sponge holding rack
This silver blender makeup sponge holder is a great way to let your sponges air fry after using or washing them. Keeping your sponges clean helps them last longer and helping them air dry keeps bacteria and mold from destroying your sponges.  One silver drying holder - sponges in pictures...
Silicone Blending Makeup Sponge
Silicone Blender Cosmetic Sponge
Gorgeous silicone makeup sponges with a dried flower design. The flower appears dark orange/pink on front and lighter pink on back.  Silicone sponges are excellent makeup blenders for liquid or cream foundation makeup. These sponges are non-absorbent so not a drop of makeup is wasted in the sponge.  Easy to care...
Blender Makeup Sponge Set
Blending Cosmetic Sponge
This sponge set provides the best for both techniques... blend & contour.  Use the rounded side of the sponge to blend your makeup and use the edged side of the sponge to contour.  This set comes with two sponges, one regular-sized sponge in a turquoise color and a mini sponge...
Blender Sponge Brush
What a great combination... a sponge on a brush!  It's short-handled for greater control and the sponge has an edge for blending in those hard-to-reach spots of the face such as around the nose and eyes.  Comes in two colors... pink or purple.
Silicone Blender Makeup Sponge
Silicone Blender Cosmetic Sponge
This silicone sponge is great for apply and blending foundation and concealer. The silicone does not absorb any makeup, making for less product waste and will cut down how much you buy!  The TPU film is to be left on to keep the integrity of the sponge intact. Rinse the...
Blender Makeup Sponge
Blender Cosmetic Foundation Sponge
This uniquely-shaped beige blender sponge is great for applying foundation, blending and sculpting.  It's larger size makes getting overall coverage a breeze!  The smaller side for contouring and blending, and the larger side for foundation application and applying concealer. Comes in a neutral beige color.  Wash the sponge with warm...
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