Makeup Brush Tools

Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat
Makeup Brush Cleaner Mat
The perfect tool for cleaning all of your makeup brushes. Textured to get in between bristles to clear the brush of makeup residues. Just add a mild brush cleanser and move your brushes over the textured area. Slip your hand through the handle and cleanse away. Available now in Dark...
magic brush holder
silicone magic makeup brush holder
Magic brush holder. This is a great new tray that holds makeup brushes and any other makeup tool you can think of. It's a tray with laced rubber matting inside that expands to the size of the brush handle you're inserting, grips it, and hold it in place. Voila!  This...
suction cup makeup brush holder
rubber makeup brush holder
Suction cup makeup brush holder - this is a cute little tool that will stick to your mirror and hold your makeup brushes. Made out of silicone, it will stick to most smooth surfaces such as a mirror, ceramic, marble, or stainless steel. There are different sized grips to fit...
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